Couples Therapy

Divorce rates are soaring, families are in crises, and couples face severe challenges in sustaining healthy and functional relationships. Unfortunately, couples often wait way too long before they seek help, allowing more time for damage to occur in the relationship and making it more difficult to correct the problems. Sometimes fear or uncertainty about what therapy is or what the process will entail results in couples staying stuck in their negative patterns rather than seeking help.

Communication problems are often a big contributor to the issues in couple relationships. Couples therapy can help partners learn to be on the same "side" with each other and to communicate effectively in order to negotiate solutions and resolve conflicts.

Couples therapy begins with an assessment of the relational issues and current dynamics of the relationship as well as historical information. Kristin will work as an ally to both partners, helping each to explore and express his/her own inner experiences in such a way that it leads to new awareness and increased insight and ultimately, a new way of relating. At times Kristin will act as a "coach" guiding and modeling for each partner how to communicate effectively with each other as they discover how to work together to find change and solutions to improve their relationship.

Kristin is a trained PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator and may recommend the ENRICH program as part of your treatment. This includes a formal assessment tool completed by each spouse individually online and in the privacy of their own home. It is a rich and robust tool that lends considerable insight, direction, and structure to the couples' therapy process. Completion of the ENRICH program averages about eitherĀ  sessions. In some cases couples will choose to continue treatment longer. A time-frame for a successful treatment process can vary from couple to couple as it is influenced by many factors, including the duration and dynamics of a couple's problems and willingness of both partners to commit to the process.

Kristin also provides pre-marital counseling utilizing the PREPARE program.

More information about the PREPARE/ENRICH program can be found here.