Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-marital counseling can be invaluable to starting a life-long relationship on a healthy foundation. Marriages in our culture are demonstrating a high frequency of divorce, and only a portion of those marriages that do not end in divorce are happy relationships. With such a high statistical rate of divorces and unhappy marriages, there is also an increased chance that engaged partners have divorced parents or have never witnessed a healthy marriage. They may have no idea what a healthy marital relationship is and may repeat unhealthy relationship patterns in their own marriage. Marriage research has shown that the risk of divorce is significantly reduced and marriages are much happier when they begin with solid pre-marital preparation to strengthen their relationship and establish healthy relationship skills before negative patterns and habits are established in the marriage.

Kristin is a trained PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator and uses the PREPARE program with couples for the the pre-marital counseling process. Using this program, Kristin will explore with couples such issues and dynamics as compatibility, expectations, dynamics of families-of-origin, communication patterns, conflict resolution skills, and intimacy issues. Kristin offers pre-marital counseling "packages" which consist of  six sessions at a total reduced cost.

More information about the PREPARE/ENRICH program can be found here.