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The Vision for All Things New Counseling and Kristin's Approach

All Things New Counseling Services, LLC (ATN) was established in Nixa, Missouri in March 2009 by Kristin McIntyre, MS, LPC, NCC to meet a need she saw in the community. After years of inquiries from pastors in the community looking for a professional Christian counselor they could trust to refer their congregants to, and people in the community looking for a licensed Christian counselor who could serve their health insurance plan, Kristin set out to establish "something new" that fit both her vision and the need of the community.

Kristin has a passion to serve her community and to see lives, marriages, families, and relationships restored. Her goal is to establish a safe and professional faith-based counseling experience with a personal touch quite different from the common "doctor/sick patient" approach often found in traditional settings, which Kristin believes disempowers people. Instead, Kristin normalizes the human experience of pain and suffering as something that none of us escapes in this life and she offers a trustworthy therapeutic relationship to help people walk out their healing.

Kristin has been serving the community with All Things New Counseling Services for over seven years, and she is delighted that her vision is meeting the need of the community. The most common feedback she has received from her clients over the years is that they feel comfortable with her and her approach empowers them to address "hard stuff" and succeed in meeting their counseling goals.

Kristin prefers to "join" her clients instead of talking down to them, which levels the playing field of the human experience. This "joining" has the effect of validating and empowering people and encouraging them in a way that facilitates the discovery of healing in their lives.

Kristin also believes in focusing on strengths. Instead of putting so much attention on "what is wrong with you." Kristin pays a lot of attention to "what is right with you." This means that she will help you recognize your positive qualities and characteristics and affirm what you are already doing well and help you apply what you already do well to problem-solve. Success in working through "what is wrong" is often found in looking at "what is right." You can probably think of times when you felt beat down and it was difficult to climb out of the despair, see a different way, or make a change. Now think of a time when you became aware that something was "wrong," but you found encouragement for your abilities, your qualities, your personal strengths and resources. When you are aware of your strengths, you are more likely to feel like you can face a difficult situation and make important changes.

Kristin has a holistic view of the person, believing that physical, emotional, and spiritual health are interrelated, that body, mind, and spirit work together, and that in order to be healthy, issues need to be explored and integrated from all three of these facets. As Kristin joins you on your journey to health, she will be considering the relationship of these aspects in your life and how each area influences the others in your particular circumstances. She will explore with you how to gain greater overall health and reach your goals by making changes or adjustments accordingly.

One way to think of all of these various aspects to a person's quality of life is to compare them to the strands of a rope. Each strand alone is only a part of the whole picture. When one begins to realize the twining of the "whole" and that everything is connected, the bigger picture is realized and better understood. Addressing healing from these multiple aspects is like restoring and winding the strands together for a stronger outcome and more lasting results.

With training in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy, Kristin also has a strong systems perspective, which means she also gives significant consideration to the relationships in your life and how the dynamics of your experience are largely influenced by the relationships that you are a part of, both past and present. Kristin doesn't only treat individuals, she also treats relationships. Some issues are best addressed in the context of marriages and families, and Kristin may recommend these modalities of treatment for you.

Above all, Kristin recognizes the Source of our healing, believing that God is always in the process of "making all things new." Kristin has a passion to join God in His work of restoring lives, marriages, families, and relationships.

While ATN offers solid Christian counseling rooted in Biblical principals, you do not have to be a Christian to receive services. Kristin recognizes that everyone is in a unique place in their own journey in life. She will be sensitive to that and committed to meeting you wherever you are as she encourages you towards the discovery of "something new."

 ATN serves most insurances and EAP programs in network and will be happy to file the medical claims for provided services on your behalf. Please go to the Insurance and Payments link at the top of the page for more information. Go to the "Who Am I?" page to learn more about J. Kristin McIntyre, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), National Certified Counselor (NCC), and owner of All Things New Counseling Services.

...He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.

And He who sits on the throne said,"Behold, I am making all things new"

Revelation 21:4-5a

(New American Standard Bible)

 All Things New Counseling Services, LLC

1856 N. Commerce Drive
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ATN is located just three miles south of Springfield on the north edge of Nixa, Missouri. Directions from the intersection of Highway 160 and Highway CC:

Turn east on CC Highway and immediately south on Commerce Drive. ATN is located next door to the Walkabout Coffee Shop in the Plaza Drive Business Center right behind Commerce Bank.